Travels Trips

  • When it comes to traveling abroad, first piece of document you need is a passport. It is the most important document.
  • If you pulled over or stopped by the law enforcement officers in a foreign country, passport is you first identity along with your international drivers license.
  • Before you travel, make sure you passport is valid and will not be expire while you are away. Most of the country will not accept your passport if it has expired.
  • Always take good care of your passport. Don’t give or handover your passport to anyone. You need that to go and come in every country of the world. Without a passport you will not be able to get in the plane.
  • Keep your passport with you at all times. If you are visiting friends or family, make sure that your passport is in a safe place. If you are in a hotel or shopping around the town, always check on it.
  • Make at least 3 photo copies of your passport. Leave one behind at your permanent address, 2nd copy with you when you traveling but not with the original passport. In case you lose your passport, you would need the photocopy for your identification.
  • If you have a scanner – scan you passport and send it to your own e-mail address. It could be very helpful in case if you lose your passport and photocopy can’t be located.
  • If incase, you lost your passport, notify the local police authority and contact your embassy immediately. Do not delay on reporting the lost of your passport.
  • Make sure you have the proper health/immunization requirements.
  • Carry as much currency in travelers checks as possible.
  • Keep a copy of all documents and credit card information in a safe place.
  • Find out some information about your destination. It is to your advantage to know some basic phrases in the local language, basic facts, places of interest, how to get around etc.
  • Check all your travel documents to make sure that they are in order. Passports should be valid for a few months after your return date.
  • Bring your address and telephone book. Make sure you have jotted down important telephone numbers in case of emergency.
  • Check the weather conditions of your destination.
  • Become very alert when you are pushed around or distracted in a crowd.
  • When staying at a hotel, have your keys ready before you reach your room.
  • Every time you are in your hotel room, you use the double lock at all times.
  • If any of your important travel documents such as passport are lost or stolen, immediately notify the local police. If you know that your country has an embassy in that country, report this to them and they can help you process temporary travel documents. For credit cards make sure you call the issuing bank immediately so that they can stop the card from being used illegally.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazaar sea beach is the longest beach in the world. And this is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Located in Chittagong District, this sea beach faces the amazing waves of grand Bay of Bengal. Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes and mouth-watering sea-food made Cox’s Bazar the tourist capital of Bangladesh. There’s a plenty of things to do in Cox’s Bazar. This is more than you can expect from a traditional sea beach.


This Buddhist village is about 16km away from Cox’s Bazar situated on the main road to Chittagong. There are monasteries, khyangs and pagodas with great religious importance which are rich in years old artifacts, scripts, relics etc. There’s a large bronze statue of Buddha measuring more than thirteen feet height. The people of this Buddhist village has their own charm for being delicate and peace-loving.


About 32km south of Cox’s Bazar, Himchari is a delightful place for famous broken hills and waterfalls.


Inani beach is only half an hour’s drive from Cox’s Bazar. With the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east, this beach will mesmerize with its amazing view.


While shopping in Cox’s Bazar, your hands will be filled with bags full of tribal handicrafts, clothes, shell etc. within a moment. There are plenty of stores along the beach and in the town market filled with eye-catching items. You will forget when to stop.

And there is always a chance to get sporty against the waves of Bay of Bengal!


An island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high; but the coast to the west and north is a lowlying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to siva. By its side on the same hill is Buddhist Pagoda.

St. Martin’s Island

If you are done partying in Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s Island is the right place to calm down your soul. This coral island is about 10km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliché, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. This island has the most amazing blue water. Far from the maddening crowd, the serenity in this island will help your meditate and purify your soul. This air is so fresh and soothing. And the water is clearer than crystal. During any moonlight in St. Island you may end up deciding to stay in this island forever. And sea-foods here are not only delicious, but also abundant in variation.

This amazing island is so small that it is possible to walk around the entire island. Each day a ferry leaves Teknaf for St. Martin’s Island which takes only 3 hours. You can hop in a Bus from Cox’s Bazar which will easily take you to St. Martin’s Island. And if you want to go directly from Dhaka, hop in a Dhaka-Teknaf Bus.




Bandarban is in Chittagong division and located in southeastern Bangladesh. It is one the most attractive travel destination in Bangladesh for its adventurous characteristics and heavenly scenic beauty. This eventually gets really hard to leave if anyone visits Bandarban. The scenic beauty will undoubtedly captivate your soul. Bandarban includes the three highest peak of Bangladesh — Tahjindong (or Bijoy), Mowdok Mual (or Saka Haphong) and Keokradong. Anyone can easily hike through the jungle and hilly rivers to win any of these three god’s creations. There are so many waterfalls hidden through the hills of Bandarban would appear in your hiking. The exotic offerings such as foods, tribal handicrafts etc from the tribal people will delight your heart. Meanwhile you can easily experience the tribal culture very closely.


Nafakhum is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh. Nafakhum is situated on the wild hilly Sangu River at a remote area called Remakri of Thanchi upazilla under Bandarban Hill District in Bangladesh. Nafakhum is also known as Remakri waterfall.

Every traveler should have a tour plan to visit this beautiful tourism spot of Bandarban at least once and then they will feel to visit that travel spot again and again.
How to go

Travelers should reach to Bandarban if they are interested to have a tour to this Nafakhum waterfall. There are many bus services among the districts of Bangladesh to reach Bandarban.

Rijuk Waterfall

Located at Ruma upazilla, Rijuk Waterfall (Rijuk Jhorna) is about 300 feet high with continuous flow of water which falls into the river Sangu. This waterfall is surrounded by diverse natural resources. It is 66km southeast from Bandarban town. Rijuk waterfall is located at Ruma upazilla of Bandarban in Bangladesh. It is 66 kilometer southeast from Bandarban town. As there is no food and accommodation facility in Rijuk falls you have to carry your food and waters from Ruma Bazaar.

How to go

First need to reach at Bandarban from Dhaka by bus. Then need to reach at ‘Koikhong jhiri’, Ruma Ghat by local bus or ‘Chander Gari’. Cross river Sangu by engine boat, will take 30 minutes to reach at Ramu Bazar. At ‘Ruma Bazar’ need to hire a guide and must register tourist name, guide name and additional informations to the military check post. From ‘Ramu Bazar’ need to hire engine boat to reach ‘Rijuk Waterfall’ for two way (Up-down).

Zingsiam Saitar

Zingsiam Saitar is one of the wonderful waterfalls at Ruma upazilla in Bandarban. The unique feature of this waterfall the water fall is divided into three different sections. Altogether these three falls makes a really amazing view. This waterfall is used by the Bawn community for their everyday needs.

How to go

If any travelers are interested to go Zingsiam Saitar then travelers should reach to Bandarban first. There are many bus services among the districts of Bangladesh to reach Bandarban.

Baklai Waterfall

Baklai Waterfall is situated at Baklai para in Thanchi upazilla in Bandarban. Baklai Waterfall is 370 feet height. Some people think that Baklai Waterfall is the top highest waterfall in Bangladesh. The view of Baklai waterfall is so amazing.

How to go

As the Baklai Waterfall is located at Thanchi so the traveler should go to Bandarban first. There are many bus services among the districts of Bangladesh to reach Bandarban.

Now the travelers have to go to Thanchi by bus or Chander Gari (Jeep) from Bandarban to reach the destination tour spot. It may take around 4.5 hours for the traveler to reach Thanchi. The distance between Bandarban to Thanchi is about 79 km.

From Thanchi Bazar to Baklai you will pass some para as like Tutong Para, Boarding Headman Para, Kaiton Para etc and it will take few hours. If a traveler wants to climb top of the waterfall it may take an hour.

Boga Lake

Boga Lake is the most beautiful natural lake in Bangladesh. It is also known as Bagakain Lake or Baga Lake. Boga lake is 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upozilla in Bandarban. The area of this lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above sea level. The color of water of this lake is blue and very nice. There are many mythological stories behind the creation of this lake. There are many tourists make their way to Boga lake every year, specially in the winter season. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities besides the Boga lake. In the rainy season, it is quite difficult to stroll beside the boga lake. The road from Ruma to Boga lake is still under construction. There waiting lots of pleasure and delight for you at Boga lake. You will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks lying in and out of the Boga lake. You can have a camp fire beside the lake, that will be unbelievable and mind-blowing memory in your life.

Bogalake, an inscriptive endowment of beauty and pleasure at Bandarban, Bangladesh

Nature lovers always feel a thirst inside for beauty, thrill and enchantment. And the holy nature has bestowed Bangladesh with an overwhelming and unparallel creature which is publicly known as Boga Lake. Bogalake is considered as a source of wonder, unlimited beauty and adventure for the nature`s lovers and travelers. So Boga Lake is waiting with its unique beauty for those adventurous travelers who just not only want to satisfy their eyes with artificial and tedious natural beauties but also want to fill their heart with eternal joy and thrill to innovate their restless mind. And it has emerged like a holy duty of the travelers and tourists to visit the Boga Lake as soon as possible to highlight the beauty with thrill.

The origin of the name Boga lake is derived from some domestic mythological stories. The word Boga is derived from the local word Baga which means a dragon or fire. Actually some super natural stories flame the fire about the lake being the accommodation of an ancient dragon indeed and that concludes the story of the identification of Boga lake

Anthropologists define Boga lake as 2000 year old hill enclaved natural lake of Bandarban,Bangladesh. Boga lake is accompanied with deep bamboo bushes from its three sides wich are bounded by mountain peaks. Again, Boga lake is recognized as the highest natural lake of Bangladesh which is approximately 1500 ft above the sea level. Boga lake has a rectangular shap either funnel shape. But some experts argue that the Boga lake is about (3000-3700) fts above the sea levels indeed. The lake is supposed to be 38 meter deep. There remains a small spring beside the Boga lake which is called Bagachhara (153m deep). Boga lake is a closed lake and to drain out water there is no outlet. Basically Bagachhara is the fundamental source of water along with surface drainage, rain water and seepage of spring, soft and small rocks of different shapes have almost covered Boga lake surface.

The beauty and attraction of the Boga lake changes with the color change of the lake. Depending on various indicators like sun rays, clouds` humidity and the so called existence of a hot spring at the bottom of the Boga lake the water of the Boga lake takes different color at different seasons. But usually the lake water shows its extra –ordinary crystal clear mirror view of blue shade which reflects like pearls and more than enough to astonish a tourist guy.

It is easy to imagine for the common people that almost 1500 ft above sea level and unfavorable natural area of Boga lake has made it without any existence of human community or barren area indeed. But the tourists and travelers will feel relieved to know that they will find numbers of local tribes like Bawm or Bom, Khumi and others on their way and in the Boga lake area too.

Buddha Dhatu

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a Theravada Buddhist temple also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is located at Pulpara 4 kilometer from Balaghata town and 10 kilometer from in the remote Bandarban hill district, in Bangladesh. The Bandarban Golden Temple is the largest Theravada Buddhist Temple with the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.The Buddhist temple is known in local language as kyang. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is regarded as one of the holy site for Theravada Buddhism followers and Buddhist pilgrims. This religion is practiced by the Marma or Mogh tribal group of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a dominant ethnic group in Bandarban. They are of Arakan descent and Buddhists by religion.The temple is situated in the hill town of Bandarban, which has two of the highest peaks hills, the Tajingdong (4,000 feet or 1,200 meters) and the Keokaradong (4,632 feet or 1,412 meters) covered with dense forests. Sangu river flows through the town. There is a waterfall nearby. The temple is built on top of a (200 feet or 60 meters) high hill. Construction of the temple started in 1995 and was complete in 2000.The Buddha Dhatu Jadi temple attracts pilgrims and visitors in all over the world. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a part of the Buddhist Circuit Tour promoted by the South Asia Sub regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Tourism Development Project.
There is small pond in the temple named “The Pond of Angels” on the top of a hill. Traveler or tourist can see a total glance of Balaghata and its surrounding natural beauties from here. Many festivals are arranged here in every year.

Visitors can hire a rickshaw or auto rickshaw from Bandarban city. It is open from 5 PM to 7PM for the visitors and each visitor is charge 10 taka for entrance. A strict dress code of ‘no shorts and no shoes’ in temple precincts is followed here.